Programming for beginners

The "programming for beginners" tutorial is not really one of the "c programming tutorials". This one gives the base that every successful developer has. Here you will learn the basic principles.

What "Programming for beginners" covers?

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The tutorial starts, by explaining the big picture of the software development process. Then you will learn how to describe an algorithm, using flow charts. Further I cover the basic data types in programming. You will use them to solve various problems.

Then, we will see how we can save our data in variables and manipulate the data using the different operators - both mathematical and logical.

You will also learn how to make decisions in your programs, using conditions. This will lay the ground for the next constructions - loops. They are very powerful tool and you will use them in every single program you write. For that reason, I emphasize them with many examples and "homework" tasks. You will also learn how to nest loops and why it is necessary.

Finally, we will cover arrays and multidimensional arrays. Arrays are a must and you will practice with some interesting problems over them.

By the end, you will be ready to transition to any programming language.

    I have lead programming courses in C, C++, Java and C# for six years. All students have the option to take a course that is an analogue to this tutorial. I can definitely say, that those, who made the extra effort with the intro course, almost always had faster and easier progress with the language course later.

    I always recommend this tutorial for anyone, who wants to learn computer programming. The best news is, that it is here for free ;)


Tutorial Contents:

1)Learn Computer Programming
2)Software Development Process
3)Flow Chart
4)Flow Chart Symbols
5)Data Type
6)What is a variable
7)Math Operators
8)Logical Operators

10)Nested Loops
12)Multidimensional arrays
13)Programming Questions

Who should take these lessons?

It is intended for:
- Beginners – Little or no experience. A must for them!
- Advanced – Do you feel like you missed something while learning?
- Project managers – Invest a little time here. With better knowledge you will be more efficient.

Start now  with lesson 1: Learn Computer Programming.

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