C Programming Tutorial

This C programming tutorial covers the basics of developing in C. You will learn about data types, operators, conditional constructions, loops, arrays, pointers and structures. By the end you will create your first console game.

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What the "C Programming Tutorial" covers?

The tutorial assumes that you are starting from level 0. So before we even go to the language itself, I will tell you about the software that you need in order to start developing in C.

Once you are set up, we will begin with the language. First you will see what is the structure of a C program. You will create a typical "Hello, world!" program and learn how to output text to the user of your program.

In the next lesson, I will show you what data types C has. You will learn how to read data input from the standard input. You will understand how C interprets the data and see how to convert from one type to another.

After we have some data, we want to be able to save it. So we will see what a variable is and how to use variables.

Then, in order to manipulate the data, we will go through the different operators - boolean, comparison, arithmetic, assignment.

Later you will see the decision constructions: if-else and switch-case-default. You will learn how to nest them. Of course, I explain when you should prefer if-else and when switch.

Loops are our next stop. Here you will see how to perform thousands of operations, by writing just several lines of code. You will learn about the while, do..while and for loops in C.

At this point we will take the next step and dive into the world of arrays and strings. Of course, talking about arrays in C inevitably leads to the dreaded pointers.

Our last lesson for the beginners will be functions.

By the end of the C programming tutorial, you will have a basic understanding of the C language. Then you can build on that with the Intermediate C tutorial.

Start now with the first lesson: C Programming Software


  1. C programming software - install and setup your development environment
  2. Hello World - create your first program
  3. C language program - how C programs work
  4. Data types - overview of the basic data types in C
  5. Variables - Creating, naming, initializing and using variables
  6. Operators - Basic operators in C language
  7. if..else statement - Making decisions
  8. switch-case-default - choosing between a number of cases
  9. Boolean operators - combining conditions in a single statement
  10. Loops in C - a brief introduction to the idea of loops
    9.1. C while loop - The most basic loop in C
    9.2. do..while loop - The post condition loop
    9.3. for - Introduction to the counter loop "for"
  11. Arrays
  12. Functions
  13. Pointers in C
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