Online Computer Programming Courses

Now you can learn in our online computer programming courses!
Starting with the first course - "Computer Programming for Beginners", now you can learn from the video lessons more efficiently and proceed at your own pace.

Do you learn better from video rather from text? Is it boring for you to just read and read... Then the video courses are just for you! They remove that obstacle that makes learning boring and transform it into a enthralling journey.

The online courses have a number of advantages:

  • Visual and audio information is more natural for the human brain to comprehend
  • ..thus it makes the learning more interesting
  • You lean more efficiently and stay motivated
  • The many examples help you understand the subject better
  • The exercises make that knowledge long-term

Available online computer programming courses

With the start of our online computer programming courses, I introduce you to the first course:

Computer programming for beginners (30% discount)

I designed this course for complete beginners - people with no previous programming experience. In the years of my experience as a lector, I have seen what problems arise for the rookie developers. Most of them miss the link between the computer as a machine and the code that we write.

For that reason I created this course. Here I explain:

  • Numeral systems for programmers, which is necessary for:
  • How the computer handles data
  • What data types there are
  • ... and how they are represented in the computer
  • How a program is executed - what actually happens in the machine
  • What is a flowchart
  • ... and how we use them to describe algorithms
  • Making decisions in our algorithms
  • Creating and nesting loops
  • Using arrays and matrices

Obviously, if you have an experience as a developer this course is not really for you. But are many of these concepts new for you? Yes? - then go for it. I first created this course in our live lectures and recommend it to each beginner. Practice has proven that people that have a more solid foundation, proceed faster and easier with the next courses.

IMPORTANT: This course does not cover actual software development. So it does not teach any programming language or development environment. It is meant to be taken before you start with them.

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