Learn Computer Programming

Before we start

So, you want to learn computer programming.. What do you need to know before you start? What to begin with?

OK, lets put here some reasonable expectations. First you need to understand that you can’t become a professional programmer in a day, week or even a month.

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I know, there are books trying to attract you by saying “Become software developer in X days”. Simply - they tell you what you want to hear. Although you can learn some aspects for this time, you risk to miss some very important basics.

Remember : You can learn computer programming, you can become professional, but it takes time and persistence.

Practice, practice .. practice

    It is easy to want, it is easy to know, but it is different to do it.

How many times you know how to do something and when you actually try it, it is not quite working? Well, I have “good” news for you – as a programmer this will happen more often than you want ;) In this case the best help is your experience.

For every hour reading tutorials and theory you need at least one hour of doing examples. Do all the “homework” you see after each tutorial. You can rewrite the solved examples from the tutorials as a “warm up”.
Apply to practice everything new that you learn. This is the key to long term knowledge and deep understanding.

!!! To learn computer programming means to learn how to think like a programmer. It does not mean to learn a certain programming language. Once you do that switch in your mind, it is just a matter of choice how to use it. Having that understanding you will find it very easy to program on just about any language

Learn computer programming - where to start?

One note to the guy who have just skipped the above reading – don’t rush! Saving a minute is not worth the risk to miss important information.

If you have little or no experience as a programmer, start from the scratch - this tutorial. You don’t want to jump the first stair if you don’t know how high the second is. Here we will explain the basics, create our first algorithms, using flow charts and pseudo code.

On the other hand - if you feel ready, you can go directly to the c programming tutorial. If in doubt - go through this tutorial.

Tutorial Contents:

1)Learn Computer Programming
2)Software Development Process
3)Flow Chart
4)Flow Chart Symbols
5)Data Type
6)What is a variable
7)Math Operators
8)Logical Operators

10)Nested Loops
12)Multidimensional arrays
13)Programming Questions

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